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You can't be me ((I'm a rock star)) [entries|friends|calendar]

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awake on my airplane, my skin is bare. my skin is theirs. [05 Jan 2006|12:51pm]
[ mood | sick/tired ]

k so i stayed home sick today.
& i finally got some medicine, so i'm FINALLY starting to feel better.
& now i'm like really tired all of a sudden..

i finallyy got a myspace. it's really addicting, but i'm glad i got one! lol
oh and i'm also excited because i'm gonna get a video ipod!!
i hate having to spend my own money on it though. but my grades haven't been so hot and i reallyyy want one so i decided to just buy it myself. i still have alota money left.

ugh. i need to finish this gayy ass project thats due tomorrow. i think its like..the stupidest assignment i've ever had. lol i mean..it really is though. cause we're analyzing cartoons on the enviornment. & wtf is the point of that? its not helpping us to learn about the enviornment or anyting..lol whatev.
yeah but i still have to do that too.

k so imma sleep somemore and do that project.

peace bitches.


[27 Dec 2005|11:03pm]
[ mood | I don't know anymore.. ]

1) List ten things you want to say to people but know you never will.
2) Don't say who they are.
3) Disable comments
4) Never discuss it again.

1. you have been so great for me. you have no idea how much you have affected me. i don't know what i would have done without you in my life. i have changed so much and become so much of a stronger and better person because of you. i have so many things that i want to say to you and ask you, but its probably not worth it. i really am happy for you. it makes me sad to know that you can be so great of a person and that you might not take advantage of that. please do. there will always be a place in my heart for you.

2. ahh i love youu! there are times where i want to kill youu! haha but you are one of the best friends that i could ever have. i can completely be myself around you. i can tell you anything. i can relate to you in so many ways, i'm sooo glad that we've become such great friends. you're so talented and smart and pretty. don't forget that. and you DON'T need a guy to make you happy...as long as you have meee! haha but seriuosly. you don't. i hope that we stay friends for a very long time!

3. ugh. i hate you. why do you choose to act like THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE IN THE WORLD??! you can be one of the coolest people i know. but nooo you have to be a fucking idiot and prance around like you're so much better than everyone. i don't know why i let you get to me. probably because i know how much better you can be. but whatever. fuck it. i feel sorry for you, i REALLY do.

4. i'm sorry for all of the stupid shit we went through. you really are a great person. you deserve to be with someone great. i hope that you find happiness.

5. you are such a unique person. i worry about you sometimes though.. i just really dont wanna see you screw up your life one day.

6. i dunno how i put up with all of the shit that i got from you. it doesnt matter now. but i feel like that had a big affect on me. i don't think you realize how much you hurt me. it scares me that you haven't changed all that much. i really hope that you find your way in life and become an stronger person. you have alot of talent. just be yourself. and don't care about what other people do, or say, or think of you.

7. i'm so glad that we became good friends. i never would have thought that our friendship would be this way. you're such a dork. haha but that's what i like about you. you're actually great to talk to. we really should hang out more often. and yes, i'm being serious. lol.

8. ahhhh i love you!! we need to hang out ALOT more. we cant let our friendship go to waste! haha you are still one of the coolest people i know. i wish we had hung out more during middle school. we've had some great times though!! you will always be one of my friends and i will always be here for you! never change!!

9. i'm soo glad we've gotten to be better friends. we really need to hang out more. or..more than once. lol. i can tell you anything. i'm thankful to have a friend like you. stay cool!! haha.

10. i'm so glad that i became friends with you. you are such a special person. i have a lot of respect for you. you've changed alot. in a good way. i hope we stay friends.

ok i'm keeping comments.
alot of these sound the same..lol but each one is special!


light shines on my face, but I need my space. [23 Dec 2005|10:18pm]
[ mood | cold ]

so I feel bad for not going to kate's skating rink with one of my oldest friends.
yes thats right. kate's skating rink. cause we're THAT cool.
well tomorrow is christmas eve and I'm going to the panther's & cowboy's game with cari and my family. it should be fun!
yeah so my break has been the complete opposite of everyone else's. I've been relaxing and doing NOTHING. its been nice. I've decided that next week I'm gonna start on my projects and all of that junk.
ohh yeah and I got my hair colored like a week or so ago..I think it's as close to my natural color as I'm gonna get. but I'll wait and see when it grows out.
so I think my new years resolution is gonna be typical. eat better. drink more water. go running more.
yeah thats gay.
but I'll have been a vegetarian for 2 years on the 1st! yay for me.
I can't wait for christmas! I love presents! and shoppinggg!
mmk well..



If you're crazy, then I'm insane.. [11 Dec 2005|10:09am]
[ mood | calm ]

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2005 (not including memes of course). Post the first line of it in your journal, and that's your "Year In Review".

January - hey! i'm sooo bored! which is why i finally made a lj, lol.

Feb-hey yall! ugh, i'm so tired! hmm, well today was ok, just another day...i had a world history test that i didnt really study for and it wasn't that bad, lol.

March- ugh, i dont feel good now. i like ate too much or too fast or i dunno but i just feel like crap.

April-i'm so excited! the ashlee simpson concert is today! it's gonna be awsome!!!

May-ok well i think i'm finally feeling better from my last entry. everyone is still being gay and bipolar but whatever, this year is almost over so i dont really care about it anymore.

June-wow. that is like all i can say about this year.

July-well I'm back. even though I REALLY don't want to be. I had an awsome time. it was alot easier to not think about things or worry about things being 3,000 miles away from them.

August-ok I tried to post some pictures on here but apparently it didn't work. so whataver, oh well.

ok well I got my hair cut and highlighted yesterday. I was there for 3 hours, lol

September-yeah so everyone's basically stupid and annoying.

October-ok well I haven't really updated in awhile. and for some reason I feel like I should update right now...

November-well. I haven't updated in awhile.
well myspace is pretty much the gayest thing ever.

December-so I'm like obsessed with this song right now..
but anywho..I just got back from the mall not too long ago.





that was fun.


I still wish you'd fought me 'till your dying day. don't let me get away. [09 Dec 2005|06:23pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

ok so i dunno how i'm feeling now.
i have alot emotions going through me.
ok well first..i feel relieved, because this longg and stressful week is overr.
but worried/nervous..about grades. and guys.
freaked out..about this one guy. lol
tired, cause..this week has taken so much out of me.
pensive. i mean..i'm not sad. but sometimes just thinkative.
numb. to my feelings.
not so much pissed off..but a little bit.
flirty. as always. haha
and loved.
ok i'm weird. i'm gonna stop now. i could go on forever.
i'm just one big mess.
but i'm ok with that.

& john mayer is brillant.

<3 LOVE.

[02 Dec 2005|07:30pm]
[ mood | calm ]

so I'm like obsessed with this song right now..
but anywho..I just got back from the mall not too long ago.
I got..some black pants, the cutest shoes everrr. and they're soo warm and soft too too.
and I got the BEST STRAIGHTENER EVERR. it curls and straightens your hair. its pretty awesome. cept..I burnt myself with it already. that shit hurts like a bitchhh.
and that's all I got.
and I saw shannon. she's sweet, I love her. lol anywayss
yeah so I've been to the mall every friday for the past 3 weeks..including today. lol

yesterday was tiring. from having gym and basket ball in the same day..I dunno how i wasn't like dying.
oh and then I kinda got into a fight with my mom and i still don't feel like talking to her.
ohh and my bed got here yesterday too. but i still need to get a matress so i'm like..bedless right now. all I have is my futon matress. lol so its fun.

ok well my finger still hurts.
and I'm hungry.
so Im'a go.
bye loves.


forget your high society, I'm soakin' it in kerosene. [28 Nov 2005|04:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well for it being a rainy and gloomy day, I was in a pretty good mood.
actually everything's been going really well lately.

so I had a good break. I didn't feel like going to school today, but since today was good then thats ok.
yeeah anyways..we watched some gross video on parasites in earth and envionmental today. then i went and got taco bell after school..haha.
so over the break..I saw Walk The Line, which was reallyy good. go see it.
andd I worked, and went to the mall, and went furniture shopping and got a new bed! I can't wait until it gets here.
hmm so now I need to do christmas shopping. and I owe my mom money for my last phone bill. so I hope I have some money left after christmas.

well that's all for now.
I'm out.


I'm telling you that I belong. You and me just can't go wrong. [23 Nov 2005|12:57pm]
[ mood | cold ]

well. I haven't updated in awhile.
well myspace is pretty much the gayest thing ever. I got a virus on my computer from it and have been spending that last few days trying to get rid of it and I finally did. so sorry to all of the people on AIM who where annoyed with my virus. none more so than me.

but anyways..
hmm what all has happend since I last updated..
yeah I think I'm just gonna focus on what's happening now.
well I'm not going anywhere over the break. how exciting.
tomorrow I'm going over to my cousins house with my dad. should be interesting.
I'm excited about christmas though. I dunno why, I guess cause my 2nd cousin is coming to town to photograph the panthers game thats on christmas eve. I really wanna go, I dunno if we are or not.
they're playing the dallas cowboys, so thats why he's coming cause he's a photograpgher for the dallas morning news. mmm I love christmas time.

ohh I started basket ball a couple weeks ago.
I've only been to one practice though, cause I didn't feel like going last week. and then this week we're not having practice. but yeah it was weird seeing all of my old friends, espically kylie, i haven't seen that girl in soo long. she's cool though, we should hang out more often.

omfg its so cold in this room!
soo I'm gonna go. it's been fun.

bye loves.


[30 Oct 2005|09:58pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

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[30 Oct 2005|06:03pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

mmk. so I'm using my live journal to continue putting off doing my homework..
well this week and weekend has gone by fast. I don't feel like going to civics and gym tomorrow. ugh.
oh speaking of gym..lol last class me and Cari decided to pick that day to not dress out, and long story short..our teacher made us participate. and ha I learned my lesson from that cause..running while wearing 2 shirts, 2 jackets, khaki pants, and birkenstocks isn't the funnest thing in the world.
it was pretty funny though. Cari was like.. "I have to use like different muscles to hold my shoes on!" ha and then she started choking on her gum- like she always does. lol and then we like stopped running and our teacher was screaming "keep running!!" from across the feild. yeah it was only really funny if you were like..there.

umm lets see what else..
god like nothing's going on in my life. well..nothing that I wanna talk about on lj. lol
one of my best friends is sad. his girlfriend broke up with him. and I feel bad for him, and I know how he feels and I hate that there's like nothing anyone else can do. and I hate the way people talk about it. like..shut the fuck up, you don't know how he feels. fuckers.
lol anyways..it sucks.

ugh, I really wanna go shopping but I'm saving up my money for that watch.
I'm so glad it's winter! well..almost.
but it's still cold.
I can't wait for christmas!

Tell me the truth- did you ever love me? [26 Oct 2005|06:21pm]
[ mood | sad ]

leave loving comments to cheer this girl up.


Say too much. Dare to touch. [22 Oct 2005|11:46am]
[ mood | anxious ]

I loove this watchCollapse )


Do you love me? Oh do you love me? I say so. [18 Oct 2005|07:09pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

well buying Ashlee Simpson's new album was the highlight of my day.
it's awsome though!
haha I've been listening to ashlee simpson for like the past 10 entries..
but yeah, today was shittyyy.
I basically screwed myself by not doing ANY of my homework last night. which is not smart to do for a-days.
this week is going by so slow. it feels like it should be thursday.
oh and speaking of music, I really like that new madonna song- hung up.. good stuff.

and not that I really wanna talk about school, but I hope my mom doesnt make me quit my job for my grades.
cause I'm probably gonna get a D in civics, and psh I'd be happy if I got a D in algebra 2! haha.
but yeah that'd be stupid if she makes me quit when I just started. so maybe I just won't work as much. ugh.

hmm...oh yeah my hair! haha yeah I got it highlighted again. so it's lighter. and of course it's hott and sexy. ha but yeah I really like it!
ohh and I got my school pictures the other day, they're so pretty! I actually really like them! so I was happy about that.
andd..I ordered my jacket last friday so hopefully it will get here soon!
it's getting coldd. but it's all good.

that's all for now.


[13 Oct 2005|08:47pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

It seems like yesterday that my world fell from the sky.
It seems like yesterday I didn't know how hard I could cry.
It feels like tomorrow, I may not get by.
But I will try,
I will try
Wipe the tears from my eyes..

I am beautifully broken
And I, don't mind if you know it
I am beautifully broken
And I don't care if I show it.

Everyday is a new day,
I'm reminded of my past.
Everytime there's another storm,
I know that it won't last.
Every moment I'm filled with hope 'cause I get another chance
But I will try
I will try
Got nothing left to hide.

Does anybody see, that sometimes lonliness is just a part of me. [12 Oct 2005|09:09pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

ok well I haven't really updated in awhile. and for some reason I feel like I should update right now...ugh. lol.
ok well for starters, my week has been shitty. and I haven't felt like shit in a long time. so i basically jinxed myself when i told one of my friends that i haven't been in a bad mood in a long time. ha, nice erin..
but. thanks to my bestest friend I am now feeling better. lol
but yeah it's basically the same shit..friends..people..all of them being gay...
I think I just make things into a bigger deal than they really are.

hmm so I got my pay check at work today and its enough for a Mountian Hardwear jacket that I've been wanting to get, which i was surprised cause i didnt think I was gonna get paid as much as i did this week. so that made me happy. lol. so i guess I'll order my jacket tomorrow or something, since I finally picked out which one I want.

oh yeah, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. well..not cut. highlighted and texturized. lol
so yeah. I'm getting my highlights redone and she said she was gonna try to make it lighter and then in december I'm gonna get it colored all light brown, which is my natural color, so hopefully by then i'll have my hair pretty close to its natural color. yess. haha and oh yeah, texturizing. I'm basically just getting it thinned cause i wanna grow it all out one length and right now my hair is too thick for that. so yeah.

alright well nothing else is really going on right now...cause i'm trying to avoid any type of drama what so ever and i think thats starting to backfire one me. cause i'm getting to the point to where I'm shutting people out because i have a hard time trusting people and so thats basically why my week has been shitty.
but things will get better. they already are. i think its all of the FUCKING rain!! ugh. I'm sick of it. haha

well i think im'a go make some pop corn and watch 10 Things I Hate About You. or Erin Brockovitch, because for some reason i've been wanting to watch that. lol or both. lol then I'll feel better.

love to all.

It won't be long, I belong somewhere past this setting sun. [28 Sep 2005|05:19pm]
[ mood | happy ]

In this moment, I am happy.

It's alright, 'cause there's beauty in the breakdown. [21 Sep 2005|04:45pm]
[ mood | content ]

ok well I guess I'll update...

well for the past couple days I was in a shit ass mood so sorry to all the people that I was bitching at.
ha yeeah..but today was alot better. I dunno why the beginning to this week was bad. I just like..was. lol

yeah ok so I like cut all of my hair off about a week ago and I think I'm finally used to it, and I like it. so yeeah..haha, but now I need to get something done to it to fix the color so it doesn't look as bad when my roots are growing out.

pictures are tomorrow. I'm so glad I have them at the beginning of the day. last year I had them last period. if that was the case this year I'd be so screwed because that means I'd have them after gym and lunch. bleh.

hmm so I thought this was interesting...I was talking to one of my friends the other day in gym and she was telling me how her sister, who's a senior in high school this year, goes to some school of the arts up in Winston Salem, I can't remember what it's called...but yeah she was saying how she might go because it's a high school but it's kinda like a college because they have like dorm rooms and high school classes but you only take like 3 regular classes or something like that, and so I was like..ha if you go, I'm going. lol but yeah, I actually really wanna go. I dunno if my mom would let me or not but yeah, I haven't talked to her about it. but my original plan was when I graduated from high school I was gonna move out to California, probably Santa Barbara, and go to a junior college and gain residency and then either go to UCSB or UCLA, so I dunnoo..I can still do that though and just go the school of the arts up in Winston Salem for a couple years. but, I have awhile to think about it. I'll just get through today first. lol okk..

well I think that's all for now!

bye loves.

((he)) keeps a toothbrush at my place. as if I had the extra space. [12 Sep 2005|05:34pm]
[ mood | drained ]

hmmm... well I got back from Ohio yesterday. It was alright.
then this morning I felt like shit and didn't wanna go to school and then almost died in gym. haha, ugh that shit sucked.
so then after school I went to look at my schedule to see when I'm working this week. tomorrow and saturday.
then I went to make an appointment to get my hair cut since we were like right there by it, but of course they were closed, because they close early on monday's or some shit like that. but yeah anyways I'll do that sometime this week. probably tomorrow. ugh, my hair's too damn long!

ok enough about my hair...lol, so I guess since I'm not working on Friday I can go to the game...! I wonder who we're playing..oh well, it should be fun.

so on thursday we made it there just in time to watch the OC! yesss.
It was awsome. of course. alot happend all in that one episode, I thought they'd drag the whole Trey issue out for a couple of episodes. oh and I don't think Kirsten knows about the whole thing with Trey either. hmmm scandelous. ha oh yeah Sandy got a new car too, the Lexus. ahh that makes me mad because I'm like in love with that car. ugh. oh yeah! and Teresa's coming back or whatever...which I so saw coming.
ok well that's all I have to say about the OC.

hmm well I guess that's all for now!


new music! [05 Sep 2005|05:37pm]
new song!

Whatcha been doin'? Whatcha been doin'?
Whoa, Whoa,
Haven't seen ya 'round,

How you been feelin'? How you been feelin'?
Whoa, whoa,
Don't you bring me down.

All that shit about me,
Being with him.
Can't believe,
All the lies that you told,
Just to ease your own soul.
But I'm bigger than that,
No, you don't have my back.
No, No.

Hey, how long till the music drowns you out?
Don't put words up in my mouth,
I didn't steal your boyfriend.
Hey, how long till you face what's goin' on?
Cause you really got it wrong,
I didn't steal your boyfriend.

Well I'm sorry,
That he called me.
And that I answered the telephone.
Don't be worried,
I'm not with him.
And when I go out tonight,
I'm going home alone.
Just got back from my tour,
I'm a mess girl for sure.
All I want is some fun,
Guess that I'd better run.
Hollywood sucks you in,
But it won't spit me out.
whoa, whoa

Hey, how long till the music drowns you out?
Don't put words up in my mouth,
I didn't steal your boyfriend,
Hey, how long till you face what's going on?
Cause you really got it wrong,
I didn't steal your boyfriend.
Hey, how long till you look at your own life,
Instead of looking into mine?
I didn't steal your boyfriend,
Hey, how long till you're leaving me alone,
Don't you got somewhere to go?
I didn't steal your boyfriend,

Whoa, whoa, whoa, ha
Whoa, whoa, whoa, ha

Please stop telling all your friends,
I'm getting sick of them,
Always staring at me like I took him from you.

Hey, how long till the music drowns you out?
Don't put words up in my mouth,
I didn't steal your boyfriend.
Hey, how long till you face what's going on?
Cause you really got it wrong,
I didn't steal your boyfriend.
Hey, how long till you look at your own life,
Instead of looking into mine?
I didn't steal your boyfriend.
Hey, how long till you're leaving me alone?
Don't you got somewhere to go?
I didn't steal your boyfriend.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, ha.
Whoa, I didn't steal your boyfriend.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, ha.
Whoa, I didn't steal your boyfriend.

new album October 18th

yeah, I'm done now.

I've been doing circles and it shows. [02 Sep 2005|09:33pm]
[ mood | calm ]

yeah so everyone's basically stupid and annoying.

lol but other than that...haha no, things aren't that bad.
everything's kinda mellow right now. I worked earlier tonight and it wasn't all that great. I worked with this guy that I've never worked with before and he was kinda...blah. but yeah there's a few people there that I really like working with so yeah.

so school...is going good. actually now that I think about it I had alot quizzes today. and lets just say I didn't do so hot on all of them. or atleast I don't think I did. but yeah, I'm pissed about this one algebra 2 test that I took like last week- and got back today- omg it was so freakin stupid! she said while we were taking the test, when someone asked if it was a real test, she was like "no, this is just to see how much you know" and we got them back today and everyone pretty much did bad, including me..lol, and she said that it counted as a test grade..! and I was like...ughh, whatever. yeah now I can see how she's a bad teacher. ok eff that.

oh yeah, next weekend I'm supposed to go to Ohio, and I'm pretty sure I'm still going...like with the gas and everything. so yeah I'll get to miss a couple day of school. yess.

alright, that's it. lol.

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