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I've been doing circles and it shows.

yeah so everyone's basically stupid and annoying.

lol but other than that...haha no, things aren't that bad.
everything's kinda mellow right now. I worked earlier tonight and it wasn't all that great. I worked with this guy that I've never worked with before and he was kinda...blah. but yeah there's a few people there that I really like working with so yeah.

so going good. actually now that I think about it I had alot quizzes today. and lets just say I didn't do so hot on all of them. or atleast I don't think I did. but yeah, I'm pissed about this one algebra 2 test that I took like last week- and got back today- omg it was so freakin stupid! she said while we were taking the test, when someone asked if it was a real test, she was like "no, this is just to see how much you know" and we got them back today and everyone pretty much did bad, including, and she said that it counted as a test grade..! and I was like...ughh, whatever. yeah now I can see how she's a bad teacher. ok eff that.

oh yeah, next weekend I'm supposed to go to Ohio, and I'm pretty sure I'm still with the gas and everything. so yeah I'll get to miss a couple day of school. yess.

alright, that's it. lol.
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