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Does anybody see, that sometimes lonliness is just a part of me.

ok well I haven't really updated in awhile. and for some reason I feel like I should update right now...ugh. lol.
ok well for starters, my week has been shitty. and I haven't felt like shit in a long time. so i basically jinxed myself when i told one of my friends that i haven't been in a bad mood in a long time. ha, nice erin..
but. thanks to my bestest friend I am now feeling better. lol
but yeah it's basically the same shit..friends..people..all of them being gay...
I think I just make things into a bigger deal than they really are.

hmm so I got my pay check at work today and its enough for a Mountian Hardwear jacket that I've been wanting to get, which i was surprised cause i didnt think I was gonna get paid as much as i did this week. so that made me happy. lol. so i guess I'll order my jacket tomorrow or something, since I finally picked out which one I want.

oh yeah, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. well..not cut. highlighted and texturized. lol
so yeah. I'm getting my highlights redone and she said she was gonna try to make it lighter and then in december I'm gonna get it colored all light brown, which is my natural color, so hopefully by then i'll have my hair pretty close to its natural color. yess. haha and oh yeah, texturizing. I'm basically just getting it thinned cause i wanna grow it all out one length and right now my hair is too thick for that. so yeah.

alright well nothing else is really going on right now...cause i'm trying to avoid any type of drama what so ever and i think thats starting to backfire one me. cause i'm getting to the point to where I'm shutting people out because i have a hard time trusting people and so thats basically why my week has been shitty.
but things will get better. they already are. i think its all of the FUCKING rain!! ugh. I'm sick of it. haha

well i think im'a go make some pop corn and watch 10 Things I Hate About You. or Erin Brockovitch, because for some reason i've been wanting to watch that. lol or both. lol then I'll feel better.

love to all.
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