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Do you love me? Oh do you love me? I say so.

well buying Ashlee Simpson's new album was the highlight of my day.
it's awsome though!
haha I've been listening to ashlee simpson for like the past 10 entries..
but yeah, today was shittyyy.
I basically screwed myself by not doing ANY of my homework last night. which is not smart to do for a-days.
this week is going by so slow. it feels like it should be thursday.
oh and speaking of music, I really like that new madonna song- hung up.. good stuff.

and not that I really wanna talk about school, but I hope my mom doesnt make me quit my job for my grades.
cause I'm probably gonna get a D in civics, and psh I'd be happy if I got a D in algebra 2! haha.
but yeah that'd be stupid if she makes me quit when I just started. so maybe I just won't work as much. ugh.

hmm...oh yeah my hair! haha yeah I got it highlighted again. so it's lighter. and of course it's hott and sexy. ha but yeah I really like it!
ohh and I got my school pictures the other day, they're so pretty! I actually really like them! so I was happy about that.
andd..I ordered my jacket last friday so hopefully it will get here soon!
it's getting coldd. but it's all good.

that's all for now.

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