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I'm telling you that I belong. You and me just can't go wrong.

well. I haven't updated in awhile.
well myspace is pretty much the gayest thing ever. I got a virus on my computer from it and have been spending that last few days trying to get rid of it and I finally did. so sorry to all of the people on AIM who where annoyed with my virus. none more so than me.

but anyways..
hmm what all has happend since I last updated..
yeah I think I'm just gonna focus on what's happening now.
well I'm not going anywhere over the break. how exciting.
tomorrow I'm going over to my cousins house with my dad. should be interesting.
I'm excited about christmas though. I dunno why, I guess cause my 2nd cousin is coming to town to photograph the panthers game thats on christmas eve. I really wanna go, I dunno if we are or not.
they're playing the dallas cowboys, so thats why he's coming cause he's a photograpgher for the dallas morning news. mmm I love christmas time.

ohh I started basket ball a couple weeks ago.
I've only been to one practice though, cause I didn't feel like going last week. and then this week we're not having practice. but yeah it was weird seeing all of my old friends, espically kylie, i haven't seen that girl in soo long. she's cool though, we should hang out more often.

omfg its so cold in this room!
soo I'm gonna go. it's been fun.

bye loves.
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