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so I'm like obsessed with this song right now..
but anywho..I just got back from the mall not too long ago.
I got..some black pants, the cutest shoes everrr. and they're soo warm and soft too too.
and I got the BEST STRAIGHTENER EVERR. it curls and straightens your hair. its pretty awesome. cept..I burnt myself with it already. that shit hurts like a bitchhh.
and that's all I got.
and I saw shannon. she's sweet, I love her. lol anywayss
yeah so I've been to the mall every friday for the past 3 weeks..including today. lol

yesterday was tiring. from having gym and basket ball in the same day..I dunno how i wasn't like dying.
oh and then I kinda got into a fight with my mom and i still don't feel like talking to her.
ohh and my bed got here yesterday too. but i still need to get a matress so i'm like..bedless right now. all I have is my futon matress. lol so its fun.

ok well my finger still hurts.
and I'm hungry.
so Im'a go.
bye loves.
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