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You can't be me ((I'm a rock star))

14 July
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311, 50 first dates, a knight's tale, abercrombie and fitch, adam brody, alanis morissette, all american rejects, alyson, america's next top model, angel city, anna nalick, anna vissi, anywhere but here, ashlee simpson, ashley olsen, atb, benjamin mackenzie, blink-182, california, celine dion, chris carmack, christina aguilera, coldplay, cruel intentions, curious, death cab, deepest blue, degrassi, don henley, eels, eisley, elisha cuthbert, emile hirsch, escada, faith hill, garden state, good charlotte, guess, guitars, heartbreakers, hiking, hitch, hollister, hollister august, hot hot heat, ipods, itunes, james taylor, jason mraz, jesse mccartney, jessica simpson, john mayer, joseph arthur, journey, julia roberts, keds, kelly clarkson, kenny chesney, king of queens, legally blonde, leonardo dicaprio, lillix, matchbook romance, miranda lambert, mischa barton, moby, music, nada surf, natalie portman, new order, nick lachey, nine days, nip/tuck, now, nrc, phantom planet, photography, polos, pretty woman, rachel bilson, rainbows, ralph lauren, rascal flats, remember the titians, ryan cabrera, sheryl crow, simple plan, sixpence none the richer, sixteen candles, soda club, soundtracks, south, sperrys, spoon, stepmom, sugar ray, summer, switchfoot, the afters, the ashlee simpson show, the beach, the blue lagoon, the breakfast club, the click five, the corrs, the girl next door, the killers, the notebook, the oc, the perishers, the postal service, the shore, third eye blind, tim mcgraw, train, urban outfitters, velocity code, wanda sykes, way out west, will and grace, will smith, yellowcard, youth group