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((he)) keeps a toothbrush at my place. as if I had the extra space.

hmmm... well I got back from Ohio yesterday. It was alright.
then this morning I felt like shit and didn't wanna go to school and then almost died in gym. haha, ugh that shit sucked.
so then after school I went to look at my schedule to see when I'm working this week. tomorrow and saturday.
then I went to make an appointment to get my hair cut since we were like right there by it, but of course they were closed, because they close early on monday's or some shit like that. but yeah anyways I'll do that sometime this week. probably tomorrow. ugh, my hair's too damn long!

ok enough about my, so I guess since I'm not working on Friday I can go to the game...! I wonder who we're playing..oh well, it should be fun.

so on thursday we made it there just in time to watch the OC! yesss.
It was awsome. of course. alot happend all in that one episode, I thought they'd drag the whole Trey issue out for a couple of episodes. oh and I don't think Kirsten knows about the whole thing with Trey either. hmmm scandelous. ha oh yeah Sandy got a new car too, the Lexus. ahh that makes me mad because I'm like in love with that car. ugh. oh yeah! and Teresa's coming back or whatever...which I so saw coming.
ok well that's all I have to say about the OC.

hmm well I guess that's all for now!
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