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It's alright, 'cause there's beauty in the breakdown.

ok well I guess I'll update...

well for the past couple days I was in a shit ass mood so sorry to all the people that I was bitching at.
ha yeeah..but today was alot better. I dunno why the beginning to this week was bad. I just like..was. lol

yeah ok so I like cut all of my hair off about a week ago and I think I'm finally used to it, and I like it. so yeeah..haha, but now I need to get something done to it to fix the color so it doesn't look as bad when my roots are growing out.

pictures are tomorrow. I'm so glad I have them at the beginning of the day. last year I had them last period. if that was the case this year I'd be so screwed because that means I'd have them after gym and lunch. bleh.

hmm so I thought this was interesting...I was talking to one of my friends the other day in gym and she was telling me how her sister, who's a senior in high school this year, goes to some school of the arts up in Winston Salem, I can't remember what it's called...but yeah she was saying how she might go because it's a high school but it's kinda like a college because they have like dorm rooms and high school classes but you only take like 3 regular classes or something like that, and so I was like..ha if you go, I'm going. lol but yeah, I actually really wanna go. I dunno if my mom would let me or not but yeah, I haven't talked to her about it. but my original plan was when I graduated from high school I was gonna move out to California, probably Santa Barbara, and go to a junior college and gain residency and then either go to UCSB or UCLA, so I dunnoo..I can still do that though and just go the school of the arts up in Winston Salem for a couple years. but, I have awhile to think about it. I'll just get through today first. lol okk..

well I think that's all for now!

bye loves.
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