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light shines on my face, but I need my space.

so I feel bad for not going to kate's skating rink with one of my oldest friends.
yes thats right. kate's skating rink. cause we're THAT cool.
well tomorrow is christmas eve and I'm going to the panther's & cowboy's game with cari and my family. it should be fun!
yeah so my break has been the complete opposite of everyone else's. I've been relaxing and doing NOTHING. its been nice. I've decided that next week I'm gonna start on my projects and all of that junk.
ohh yeah and I got my hair colored like a week or so ago..I think it's as close to my natural color as I'm gonna get. but I'll wait and see when it grows out.
so I think my new years resolution is gonna be typical. eat better. drink more water. go running more.
yeah thats gay.
but I'll have been a vegetarian for 2 years on the 1st! yay for me.
I can't wait for christmas! I love presents! and shoppinggg!
mmk well..

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