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1) List ten things you want to say to people but know you never will.
2) Don't say who they are.
3) Disable comments
4) Never discuss it again.

1. you have been so great for me. you have no idea how much you have affected me. i don't know what i would have done without you in my life. i have changed so much and become so much of a stronger and better person because of you. i have so many things that i want to say to you and ask you, but its probably not worth it. i really am happy for you. it makes me sad to know that you can be so great of a person and that you might not take advantage of that. please do. there will always be a place in my heart for you.

2. ahh i love youu! there are times where i want to kill youu! haha but you are one of the best friends that i could ever have. i can completely be myself around you. i can tell you anything. i can relate to you in so many ways, i'm sooo glad that we've become such great friends. you're so talented and smart and pretty. don't forget that. and you DON'T need a guy to make you long as you have meee! haha but seriuosly. you don't. i hope that we stay friends for a very long time!

3. ugh. i hate you. why do you choose to act like THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE IN THE WORLD??! you can be one of the coolest people i know. but nooo you have to be a fucking idiot and prance around like you're so much better than everyone. i don't know why i let you get to me. probably because i know how much better you can be. but whatever. fuck it. i feel sorry for you, i REALLY do.

4. i'm sorry for all of the stupid shit we went through. you really are a great person. you deserve to be with someone great. i hope that you find happiness.

5. you are such a unique person. i worry about you sometimes though.. i just really dont wanna see you screw up your life one day.

6. i dunno how i put up with all of the shit that i got from you. it doesnt matter now. but i feel like that had a big affect on me. i don't think you realize how much you hurt me. it scares me that you haven't changed all that much. i really hope that you find your way in life and become an stronger person. you have alot of talent. just be yourself. and don't care about what other people do, or say, or think of you.

7. i'm so glad that we became good friends. i never would have thought that our friendship would be this way. you're such a dork. haha but that's what i like about you. you're actually great to talk to. we really should hang out more often. and yes, i'm being serious. lol.

8. ahhhh i love you!! we need to hang out ALOT more. we cant let our friendship go to waste! haha you are still one of the coolest people i know. i wish we had hung out more during middle school. we've had some great times though!! you will always be one of my friends and i will always be here for you! never change!!

9. i'm soo glad we've gotten to be better friends. we really need to hang out more. or..more than once. lol. i can tell you anything. i'm thankful to have a friend like you. stay cool!! haha.

10. i'm so glad that i became friends with you. you are such a special person. i have a lot of respect for you. you've changed alot. in a good way. i hope we stay friends.

ok i'm keeping comments.
alot of these sound the but each one is special!
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