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awake on my airplane, my skin is bare. my skin is theirs.

k so i stayed home sick today.
& i finally got some medicine, so i'm FINALLY starting to feel better.
& now i'm like really tired all of a sudden..

i finallyy got a myspace. it's really addicting, but i'm glad i got one! lol
oh and i'm also excited because i'm gonna get a video ipod!!
i hate having to spend my own money on it though. but my grades haven't been so hot and i reallyyy want one so i decided to just buy it myself. i still have alota money left.

ugh. i need to finish this gayy ass project thats due tomorrow. i think its like..the stupidest assignment i've ever had. lol i really is though. cause we're analyzing cartoons on the enviornment. & wtf is the point of that? its not helpping us to learn about the enviornment or whatev.
yeah but i still have to do that too.

k so imma sleep somemore and do that project.

peace bitches.
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erin! hey. its caroline. add me :)
hey! i added you
& i really need to update
ttyl! <3